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Selected projects

DATA Act: USAspending API

Led the buildout of an API that presents, for the first time, a unified view of U.S. spending data. In addition to being available for public use, the API powers

DATA Act: data model, ingest, and validation

Prototyped and served as the initial tech lead for the “DATA Act Broker,” a product that federal agencies use to submit and validate their spending data to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Over a period of two years, the broker evolved from a series of Python scripts to a Jupyter notebook, and finally to a mature, API-driven data ingest site that performs hundreds of validations on incoming files and is used by dozens of federal agencies.

Pandas snippets

Pandas is a powerful data analysis toolkit. But sometimes you just need a quick reference for doing common data cleaning and munging tasks.

State Smart

Because a single source of federal spending data was not available back in 2015, I designed a website that pulled together many disparate data sources to tell the story of how federal dollars flow into and out of states. In addition to writing the narrative, I researched the best sources for the required information (making some hard decisions along the way) and coded the ETL (extract, transform, and load) needed to power the site.

The launch of State Smart was covered by the Washington Post, and the data was subsequently cited by dozens of other publications, including Congressional Research Service.

Hack for Western Mass

The inaugural National Day of Civic Hacking happened in 2013. Rather than travel to New York or Boston to participate, I gathered a team of local technologists to organize our own Western Massachusetts-flavored hackathon. I served on the organizing committee in 2013 and 2014 before passing the torch.

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